Medical Marijuana Credit Card Processing for CA Dispensaries

California mmj merchant accountIf you’re looking to take credit cards at your medical marijuana dispensary in California, let us help. At The Transaction Group (TTG), we’ve been assisting dispensaries throughout the US with credit card processing services for several years.

There’s no question that cash-only businesses carry higher risks. So, why operate as a cash-only dispensary when you don’t have to? Accepting credit cards is easy with our program that works much like a traditional merchant account in which credit cards are swiped through a terminal upon checkout.

In 2011, we saw the need for an alternative credit card processing solution to merchant accounts for medical marijuana dispensaries. We developed this solution with one of our partnering banks and soon introduced it to mmj dispensaries in California.

When traditional merchant account services became unavailable in July 2012, only mmj  dispensary owners that had implemented our program were able to continue to process credit & debit cards for prescribed medical marijuana at their collectives and dispensaries.

Like other processors, we offered alternatives like point-of-banking (POB) in the past. Now, we offer a program that is even better than our POB solution!

The program has no setup or monthly fees. With debit card rates at 1.95% and credit card rates at 2.95%, dispensaries love our new solution.

If your medical marijuana dispensary or collective in California offers delivery services, our program is ideal for you too!

Ready to get started? Contact us today or 888-383-8056 and we will forward the application. The approval process is fast and easy! When approved, you’ll be able to start processing credit cards at your mmj dispensary in CA the same day!