Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensary Credit Card Processing

CO medical marijuana merchant accountIf you only accept cash for sales of medical & recreational marijuana at your Colorado dispensary you should consider a credit card processing solution from The Transaction Group (TTG).

These days, customers expect the option of paying by card. This option is available to all legally operating mmj dispensaries. Not to mention, cash-only businesses carry higher risk and put your business in danger.

At TTG, we’ve been helping legal mmj dispensaries around the country get set up to take credit card payments since 2011. Before banks stopped offering merchant accounts to the medical marijuana industry in July 2012, we had developed and started to roll out a new program.

This program known as POB or point-of-banking was an excellent option but unfortunately is no longer available.

Now, we have a new program with rates as low as 1.95%! And, there are no setup or monthly fees.

Medical marijuana delivery services in Colorado can accept credit cards as a form of payment at the patients’ homes by using this program too.

Our application process is easy and offers instant approval!  Your Colorado medical marijuana dispensary can start processing credit cards today!

Contact us at or call 888-383-8056 now!